Cortes Generales

143rd IPUAssembly


143rd IPUAssembly

The Cortes Generales are mentioned in Title III of the 1978 Spanish Constitution. They represent the Spanish people and are made up of the Congress of Deputies and the Senate.

The Cortes Generales are entrusted with the legislative power of the State, adopt its Budget, conduct Government oversight, and enjoy a series of competences laid down by the Constitution. Each Chamber is autonomous and adopts its own Standing Orders.

This is an imperfect bicameralism, since the Congress of Deputies enjoys certain competences which are not conferred to the Senate, such as the Government’s political accountability. 

The Senate, in turn, is the Chamber of territorial representation and according to it is entrusted with certain exclusive competences.

Both Chambers have a mandate of four years and, as regards the Congress of Deputies, it is made up of 350 MPs elected by universal suffrage and a proportional system. 

The Senate, in turn, is currently made up of 265 Senators, out of which 208 are elected by universal suffrage and a majority system and the other 57 are appointed by the regional Legislative Assemblies of the Autonomous Regions.