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143rd IPUAssembly

143rd IPUAssembly
143rd IPUAssembly

To enter Spain from third countries, please refer to the web pages of the relevant Embassies. The Assembly’s webpage shall also provide detailed information in this regard.

COVID regulations in force in the Autonomous Region of Madrid are enshrined in ORDER 1244/2021 of 1 October, of the Regional Ministry of Health.

Mandatory use of face masks

Masks are mandatory from the age of 6 in the following cases:

  1. Any closed public use indoor setting, or open to the public, regardless of the need to keep social distancing.
  2. Outdoors when, given the number of people present, it is not possible to keep to minimum 1.5-metre social distancing, except as regards groups of members of the same household.
  3. In air, bus or train transport, including platforms and stations, or in cable cars, as well as in other public and private means of transport in vehicles of up to nine places, including the driver, if the individuals in the vehicle are not members of the same household.
  4. At mass outdoor events, when attendees are standing or when they are seated but cannot keep to 1.5-metre social distancing, except groups of members of the same household.

The use of face masks is not mandatory in the following cases:

  1. cases included in section 6.2 of Act 2/2021 of 29 March, on urgent prevention, containment and coordination measures to face the health crisis caused by COVID-19.
  2. when practising sports outdoors.
  3. while drinking or eating.
  4. in swimming pools, when swimming and while the individual remains in a given place and is not moving, and provided that social distancing with other people not from the same household can be observed.
  5. at places of work, when workers remain seated and provided that social distancing of 1.5 metres with other workers/users can be observed.
  6. during judicial proceedings, provided that social distancing of 1.5 metres can be observed or, when the latter is not possible, if there are protective separating screens.
  1. The mandatory use of a face mask also implies that it must be correctly used, covering from nose to chin.
  2. Masks must not include exhalation valves, except for in the case of professional uses for which this type of mask is recommended.

Obligation to observe the indications regarding isolation and quarantine:

  1. Those persons considered as confirmed active infection cases and those considered as close contacts of a suspected case, whether likely or confirmed, must follow the relevant isolation or quarantine indications given by the assistance or public health bodies, and not leave their place of residence or the isolation or quarantine place in any circumstances, except following explicit authorization by the health service according to duly justified causes
  2. In the event of epidemic outbreak in a social environment or an increase of incidence rate in a specific geographical area, affected citizens must actively cooperate in screening with active infection diagnostic tests to be determined by the health authorities according to their nature and scope.